• Alex Yates

    I help orgs to not suck at delivering databases

    Alex loves DevOps. He also loves databases.

    Alex has been helping data professionals apply DevOps principles to relational database development and deployment since 2010. He's most proud of helping Skyscanner develop the ability to deploy 95 times a day. Originally for Redgate, later for DLM Consultants, Alex has worked with clients on every continent except Antarctica - so he's keen to meet anyone who researches penguins.

    A keen community member, he helps organise the London Continuous Delivery meetup and SQL Relay. He blogs at workingwithdevs.com, speaks wherever they'll let him and manages the DLM Digest monthly email: a report on the latest database DevOps news/tutorials.

    He's quite fond of nutella. And otters. (Not together.)

  • André kamman

    Data Platform Architect at Data Masterminds in The Netherlands

    André is a DBA and SQL Server Solutions architecht for Data Masterminds. He has done a lot of DBA work on 1000’s of servers where he discovered his love for Powershell, architecting SQL Server solutions, building and tuning ETL processes (with BIML), and even implementing PDW.
    André is a Data Platform MPV, Dutch PASS Chapter Leader organiser of SQL Saturday Holland and Data & BI track lead for Techorama Holland

  • Andrew Pruski

    SQL Server DBA originally from Wales but now exploring Ireland

    I am a SQL Server DBA originally from Swansea, Wales but am currently exploring Ireland.

    I have been working with relational databases (in one form or another) for over 10 years and have a real passion for the technology.

  • Andy Mallon

    Impatient and lazy

    Andy is a Data Platform MVP and SQL Server DBA that has managed databases in the healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and non-profit sectors. He has over 13 years of experience supporting high-volume, highly-available OLTP environments with demanding performance needs.

    Andy is also co-organizer of SQL Saturday events in Boston, and the founder of the BostonSQL User Group. He blogs at am2.co, and as a guest blogger at SqlPerformance.com

    Andy lives just outside Boston, Massachusetts, USA with his husband and their two dogs.

  • Annette Allen

    Organiser of things.

    I have been both a SQL Server developer and DBA and now my role encompasses both. I am User Group Leader of SQL South West and UK PASS Regional Mentor. I also help organise various SQL Server related events.

  • Ásgeir Gunnarsson

    Data Platform MVP

    Ásgeir is a Data Platform MVP and a Business Intelligence Developer at Össur in Iceland. He works on Business Intelligence solutions using the whole of the MS BI stack. Ásgeir has been working in BI since 2007 both as a consultant and internal employee. Before turning to BI Ásgeir worked as a technical trainer and currently teaches BI courses at the Continuing Education Department of the University of Iceland.

    Ásgeir speaks regularly at events both domestic and internationally and is the group leader of the Icelandic PASS Group.

    Ásgeir is passionate about data and loves solving problem with BI.

  • Cathrine Wilhelmsen

    Data Platform MVP and BimlHero Certified Expert

    Cathrine loves teaching and sharing knowledge. She works as a consultant, technical architect and developer, focusing on Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects. Her core skills are ETL, SSIS, Biml and T-SQL development, but she enjoys everything from programming to data visualization. Outside of work she's active in the SQL Server and PASS communities as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero Certified Expert, author, speaker, blogger, organizer and chronic volunteer.

  • Chris Taylor


    Chris (@SQLGeordie) is a Principal Consultant working at Jarrin Consultancy providing SQL Server and Microsoft Azure consultancy to clients worldwide in a variety of industries ranging from Financial to Healthcare. He has been working with SQL Server since 2001 and during that time has become extremely strong in all areas of SQL Server but specialises in Security, System Optimisation and SQL Server Internals.

  • Chrissy LeMaire

    creator, dbatools.io

    Chrissy is a Windows PowerShell MVP who has worked in IT for nearly 20 years. She works for General Dynamics and serves as the SQL Server DBA at NATO Special Ops HQ in Belgium. She is also an avid scripter, and has used PowerShell since it was introduced in 2005 at the Microsoft Professional Conference in Los Angeles. Chrissy is the creator of the popular dbatools PowerShell module for SQL Server.

    Chrissy is currently pursuing an MS in Systems Engineering at Regis University. In her spare time, she explores Trappist breweries in Belgium with her wife and maintains RealCajunRecipes.com with her mom and best friend.

  • Hugo Kornelis

    I make SQL Server fast (.com)

    Hugo Kornelis is an established SQL Server communiity expert who spends a lot of time at various conferences. He is also a blogger, technical editor of a variety of books, and Pluralsight author. He was awarded SQL Server MVP and Data Platform MVP 11 times (2006 - 2016).

    When not working for the community, he is busy at his day job: freelance database developer/consultant.

    Hugo has almost 20 18 years of SQL Server experience in various roles. He has a strong database design background, but also loves to write and tune complex queries.

  • Jan Mulkens

    Data Platform & BI Consultant

    Jan Mulkens is a Microsoft BI Consultant and the Competence Center Lead for Microsoft Advanced Analytics at Ordina Belgium.
    In his spare time, he is the founder of the Belgium Microsoft Advanced Analytics User Group, a co-founder of the Global Power BI virtual user group, speaker at conferences and local SQL Server usergroups and he gives guestlectures at local colleges.

  • Johan Ludvig Brattås

    Suffers from chronic curiosity

    Johan Ludvig Brattås is a managing consultant at Capgemini, and a dedicated community guy. He has worked with MS SQL server since late 1999, mostly with BI in one form or another. The last 3 years, most of his work has been in Azure working on both VMs, data lakes, PowerBI and the last year focusing on Azure IoT and Stream Analytics.

    Combining his passion for MS SQL Server with his passion for sharing knowledge, he started speaking at various events in the SQL Community. This is also a way to give back to the community for all the things he has learned over the years. When not working, Johan Ludvig either spends his time with his kids, playing with new technology or teaching coeliacs how to bake glutenfree food.

  • John Martin

    Product Manager for Plan Explorer and SQL Sentry

    John is a Product Manager at SentryOne, responsible for the SQL Sentry, Windows, and VMware monitoring solutions, as well as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

    John has over a decade of experience working with SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. Having worked as a DBA, Developer and Consultant for Microsoft, John has been lucky enough to see how best, and how not, to use SQL Server and the Data Platform effectively.

  • Kevan Riley

    Principal Consultant,

    Kevan Riley (MCSE: Data Management and Analytics) has been working with SQL Server since 1999 in a variety of DBA and DB developer roles. He now works as a freelance SQL Server Consultant in the UK and is no more happier than when knee-deep in performance tuning. He can be often found contributing at ask.sqlservercentral.com and getting involved with the SQL community at UK user groups, SQL Saturdays, SQLBits and SQL Relay.

  • Kevin Chant

    Database Consultant

    SQL Server Database Consultant, who's got a lot of experience in the IT sector and has a fair few Microsoft Certifications. originally from the UK and now living in the Netherlands.

  • Marek Jablonski


    CTO and founder of dbWatch

  • Neil Hambly

    DataMovements Founder, MCT and Regular Presenter

    Neil Hambly is an MCT, SQL Server consultant, founder & Consultant @ DataMovements a Microsoft Partner Data & Analytics Consulting company, previously roles at Northdoor PLC, ABN AMRO, Accenture, ASOS, BBC, Confio Software
    Neil has 18+ years in a variety of SQL Server roles
    Presented at 150+ events, at numerous usergroup and PASS events, PASS Summits & SQL Saturdays & many UK events (SQLBits, SQLRelay), Leader of PASS London (UK) & Professional Development VC, Melissa Data MVP, SQL Cruise Technical Lead who likes Guinness, Loves whisky and dancing.

  • Rob Sewell

    Be-Whiskered PowerShell Ninja

    Rob is a SQL Server DBA with a passion for Powershell, Azure, Automation, and SQL (PaaS geddit?). He is a Cloud and Data Center MVP, an officer for the PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter, co-leader of SQL South West and has spoken at and volunteered at many SQL and PowerShell events all over the world. He is a member of the committee that organises SQL Saturday Exeter, PSDay.UK and also European PowerShell Conference. He is a proud supporter of the SQL and Powershell communities.

    He relishes sharing and learning and can be found doing both via Twitter and his blog. He spends most of his time looking at a screen and loves to solve problems. He knows that looking at a screen so much is bad for him because his wife tells him so. Thus, you can find him on the cricket field in the summer and flying a drone in the winter.

    He has a fabulous beard

  • Sarah Lean

    Cloud Solution Architect with Microsoft

    Sarah has over 12 years experience within the IT industry, currently she is a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft based in the UK. With experience of both on premise and cloud solutions Sarah is able to understand the big picture and help businesses implement the right IT strategy for the future. Involved in the IT community she founded the Glasgow Azure User Group in May 2017.

  • Simon Whiteley

    Data nerd, cloud herder, markitect & geek

    Coming from a world of traditional BI structures, Simon's now obsessed with utilising cloud technologies to revolutionise these traditions. Does Kimball translate to a serverless lambda architecture? Does rapidly evolving data interaction change our approaches? Is what was right six months ago still right now?

  • Terry McCann

    Microsoft MVP & Data Science Consultant

    Microsoft MVP. Data warehouse/Big data/Data science consultant for Adatis consulting limited a Microsoft Data & Analytics consultancy. Passion for advanced data analytics and automation. Specialising in Microsoft Architecture. Frequent speaker at events across the globe. Organiser of the Data Science user group in Exeter, UK and previous co-organiser of SQL Saturday Exeter, UK. 

  • Thomas Hütter

    Seasoned data dude

    Thomas holds a degree in Business Administration, but has been a developer at heart ever since the days of Turbo Pascal. He touched his first SQL Server at V6.5 and used covering indexes before they became a feature.

    Thomas started developing in Navision systems in 2001 (one year before MS acquired Navision), joined PASS in 2006 and got his hands on R in 2014 (the year before MS bought Revolution Analytics). He has worked for ISVs as well as end-user companies, as a developer, consultant, accidental DBA and is a speaker at SQL events across Europe.

  • Thomas Sykes


    Thomas is an SQL Server consultant for Quorum Network Resources, a Microsoft Gold Data Platform Partner based in Edinburgh. An MCT and multipleMCSE his current projects include SQL Infrastructure and Performance Tuning, Azure SQL Solutions and migrations.

  • William Durkin

    Data Masterminds

    William Durkin is a DBA and SQL Server Solutions Architect for Data Masterminds. He uses his decade of experience with SQL Server to help multinational corporations achieve their data management goals. Born in the UK and now based in Germany, William has worked as a Database Developer and DBA on projects ranging from single server installations, up to environments spanning 5 continents using a range of high availability solutions. William is a regular speaker at conferences around the globe and is a chapter leader for a German PASS chapter.

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Speaker FAQ

  • What level of submissions are you looking for?
    • All levels are welcome, from basic concepts or introductions to new features across the Microsoft Data Platform (and related technologies) to advanced performance tuning, techniques or tools.
  • I’ve never presented at a Conference before. Are newcomers welcome?
    • Although we don’t have a specific track or mentor program within the SQLGLA Team, speakers of all experiences are welcome and we’ll do everything we can to support new speakers. May we recommend Speaking Mentors as a great place to get in touch with seasoned speakers who can help you on your journey!
  • I have a session in mind that isn’t directly about the Microsoft Data Platform
    • Submit it anyway, we run this event and attendees come along to learn new things. This might be a great opportunity to learn new things!