Sponsor Details

Event Marketing

We want to promote our sponsors as best we can. To do this we need high quality brand artwork and information.

  • A suitable (high-res) logo file (vector graphic preferred) with white or transparent background including any usage guidelines you may have. (“Sponsor Marks”)
  • A relevant link or tracking URL to attach to logo on website placement.
  • Social media account names/links (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) to be used in announcements & sponsor information.


  • ASAP
    • [All] Signed Sponsor Contract form
    • [All] “Sponsor Marks” and information (as defined in the Event Marketing section)
    • We will provide sponsors with the “Event Marks” to allow joint Event promotion
  • 8 Weeks before Event (20th July 2018)
    • [Platinum|Gold] Venue access/Set up times confirmed.
    • [Platinum|Gold] Sponsor stand locations will be chosen in order of sponsorship contract completion
  • 4 Weeks before Event (17th August 2018)
    • Payment is required by this date and an invoice will be sent 30 days prior.
  • 2 Weeks before Event (31st August 2018)
    • [Platinum|Gold|Silver] Promotional flyer(s) to be included in Event Welcome bag.
    • [Platinum|Gold] Sponsor introduction video (if relevant)
    • [Platinum|Gold|Silver] Details of any competition or prize draw to be carried out at the event.
  • 1 Week before the Event (7th Sept 2018)
    • [Platinum|Gold|Silver] Promotional gift (if relevant) to be included in Event Welcome bag.

Benefit Details

  1. Name & logo on SQLGLA Web page & announced as Sponsor on Social media
    1. The Sponsor Mark will be displayed on the SQLGLA Website (https://SQLGLA.co.uk) on both the home page till event date & Sponsors page until 2019 event announcement.
    2. The Sponsor Mark will have a clickable link provided by Sponsor (as defined in the Event Marketing section).
    3. Sponsor Social media accounts confirmed by Sponsor will be mentioned in a “Sponsor announcement” post from the @SQLGlasgow Twitter account. This will be re-posted on Facebook & LinkedIn (with relevant company links where provided)
  2. Logo displayed on SQL Glasgow User Group website banner
    1. The Sponsor Mark will be displayed on an image carousel on the Glasgow SQL User Group home page (https://SQLGlasgow.co.uk) for 6 or 12 Months (depending on tier) following the event.
  3. Half page content on shared Email blast to all attendees & User Group Members
    1. Up to 2 Promotional event emails will be sent to SQLGLA 2017 Attendees, SQL Glasgow Newsletter recipients & 2018 attendees in the lead up to the event. Half page content will consist of approx. 12-15 lines of text, a 600px height image or a combination of both.
  4. One Dedicated Email blast to all attendees & User Group Members
  5. [X] Tweets per month from sign-up till Event
    1. Tweets can be a re-tweet of a chosen sponsor tweet or can be a single tweet with content provided by sponsors one week before intended release date.
    2. The number of tweets sent will relate to the announcement date of the sponsor and will be grouped per Calendar Month.
  6. Logo carried on meetup banner & announced at all user group meetings until 2019 event
  7. Name/Logo announced at start & end of session day
    1. The Sponsor will be announced at the keynote introduction before sessions begin with the display of the Sponsor Mark & the sponsor name. This will be repeated before prize draws are performed at the end of the session day.
  8. Name/Logo listed on digital Flyers, Event page & Event Pop-ups
    1. The Sponsor Mark will be displayed on any digital flyers, the Eventbrite Event page and on roller banners displayed at the event. The size of The Sponsor Mark will correspond to the sponsorship tier defined in the Agreement and number of sponsors in that tier.
  9. Include Flyer with Event pack or distributed at venue (provided by sponsor)
    1. A promotional/marketing flyer(s) provided by Sponsor may be included in the Event welcome bag or displayed on communal tables throughout the venue. This should be provided no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. The size and quantity of flyers is defined in the sponsorship tiers and the Agreement.
    2. Note: This does not impact the sponsor stand/booth where there is no limit to promotional material displayed.
    3. Note: There is no cost for the inclusion of a Sponsor branded gift. Please make the SQLGLA team aware of this intention and provide gifts no later than 1 week before the event.
  10. Pop-up Banner (no persons)
    1. A pop-up banner is a roller banner with standard measurements of 2000mm x approx. 800mm. In the case of an unattended banner, this can be provided by the sponsor or ordered by the SQLGLA team for a £30.00 fee.
  11. Pop-up Banner (1 person) “Sponsor Stand”
    1. This benefit is defined as a “sponsor stand”. Details of the facilities provided for a sponsor stand are defined in clause 5.2 of the Terms & Conditions. This stand benefit will be limited to a singe Sponsor person.
  12. 5-minute introduction or video at start of event with all attendees
    1. The Sponsor introduction can be a live introduction by company personnel or a promotional video of no more than 5 minutes. Videos should be provided no later than 2 weeks prior to the event to be verified. Videos will be played to attendees from a single laptop, managed by the SQLGLA team.
  13. Booth (Unlimited People)
    1. Details of the facilities provided for a sponsor stand are defined in clause 5.2 of the Terms & Conditions. A booth will be afforded a larger table, space for 2 roller banners or similar sized exhibition stand. There is also no limit to the Sponsor personnel.
  14. Sponsored Speaker Session
    1. The Sponsored Speaker Session will consist of a standard 60-minute session. The time of this session will be determined by the SQLGLA team to best fit in with all sessions throughout the day.
    2. The session title & abstract should be submitted online so they can be scheduled and promoted appropriately. All sponsored sessions will be suffixed with “Sponsored by [Sponsor Name]”
  15. Main Logo on Attendee Event Bag
    1. The Sponsor Mark will be printed on one side of the Event Welcome bags. The other side of the bag is offered as an extra in the Sponsor Pack.
  16. Session Room named for Sponsor
    1. Of the 2 session rooms, one will be named by the sponsor for their brand or chosen name. This will be referred to in all schedule literature & during any event social media posts. This will also be displayed outside the session room
  17. Run a Competition sourcing attendee Data
    1. A competition or prize draw can be organised which will require attendees to scan their badges for entry. Details of this should be provided to the SQLGLA team no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.
    2. Prize draws and competitions will be drawn after all sessions have completed, at the closing of the event. If Sponsor personnel are not available to present the prize or announce the winner, the SQLGLA team can perform this task.
  18. Ability to scan attendee badges directly
    1. All attendees, sponsors and speakers will have a conference badge with a QR code. This can be scanned by any camera phone to read contact information.


  1. Logo on Attendee Lanyards
    1. The Lanyards will display the Event Mark & the logo of Sponsors who have opted for this extra with a limit of 3 sponsor logos.
  2. Logo on SQLGLA Event Gift
    1. In the event that we offer an event branded gift, this extra will be available to sponsors. Details will be agreed with the sponsor before any gifts are finalized.
  3. Automatic Re-tweet of RSS Feed (Blog posts)
    1. This will be set up as an automated twitter post from the Sponsor’s chosen RSS feed. All tweets will be sent from the @SQLGlasgow account.
  4. Additional/Longer Sponsor video
    1. This is offered to extend the Sponsor Introduction video at the start of the day or introduce an additional video with the same 5 minute duration restriction, at the end of the session day, to be shown prior to Prize draws & competition announcements.
  5. Marketing slot on all emails to attendees in lead up to event
    1. This is a half width banner slot on all attendee emails issued by the SQLGLA team. These are expected to be sent at the following intervals:
      1. 2 General emails between announcement and event dates
      2. 1 email 3 months prior to Event
      3. 1 email 6 weeks prior to Event
      4. 1 email 4 weeks prior to Event
      5. 1 email 2 weeks prior to Event
      6. 1 email 1 weeks prior to Event
  6. Run a 2 Hour Workshop spanning 2 session slots
    1. If we are able to secure our preferred venue, these workshop sessions will be held in a smaller side room, with a limited capacity of 20 persons. The workshop should be of relevant topic and content. A workshop should ideally involve some hands-on involvement from attendees. The SQLGLA team reserve the right to refuse topics if they are not appropriate. These should be submitted in accordance with the Sponsored Speaker session details defined above.